What heating do I require?

We can install new systems and replace and or upgrade your current appliance.

Sometimes reapirs to our old and modern heaters can outway the cost and the benefits of a new appliance. Our expertise is in our experience of designing a system that suits what you want and not what a salesman wants to sell you. We listen to what you don’t like about the way your house is and then offer advise and solutions to suit your needs for everyone feels the temperature differently.

We also offer solutions on ducting and zones and how best to use or whether you need one at all. We advise on the correct operation of your appliance and give lessons on how to save money on running costs when to choose and how to choose what star rating will actually give you the savings you think you should be getting.

Someimes 5 star appliances can suffer from being installed on older ducting and sometimes a 4 star appliance will actually give better performance and savings.

Our Recommendations

We generally recommend the Braemar brand of heaters as they are a very good Australian made appliance and have a range of heaters, where you can be assured you will find one suitable for your home or office. you can also be comforted by the fact that Braemar now offer a 5 year warranty on all their heaters and most parts are readily available for even for their olders models.