Ducted Refrigerated


This appliance is just a bigger brother to the split system, however, it can come in two forms a split ducted or a packaged unit. The split ducted is as it says, we have a condenser unit externally and a coil and a fan assembley in the roof cavity and ducted to room vents. The package unit is the two boxes joined together and sits externally and then ducted into the roof cavity and off to the room vents. Both of these units are reverse cylce heating and cooling.

With these systems the most common complaint is that the installer has not done such a good job and it has either been poorly installed, undersized or cheap equipment. Armed with this knowledge you can rely on us to give you the best advice.


Again as with Split Systems Melbourne Heating and Cooling and thus Pakenham Heating and Cooling have aligned themselves with two companies for airconditioning. These companies are Carrier and Toshiba, this is because Carrier invented air conditioning and Toshiba invented inverter technology. Carrier purchased Toshiba about 8-10 years ago for its inverter technology. There are a number of other aircondition brands which spend big dollars on branding, however, you can be assured that Toshiba is the “trades” favourite, becuase it is a brand you can rely on in both domestic and commercial environments.