An evaportive cooler is a very old concept in keeping things cool It works on the principal of the Coolgardie safe, a cool cloth material draped over a meat safe, the air passing through the material gives of its heat and the cool air falls down over the internals of the meat safe. A modern day version use the same sort of box and it has a pump to keep the water up to the filter medium and a large fan to circulate the airflow through the house.

Evaporative coolers are a wonderful form of cooling in the summer months especially for families with young children who are running in and out of the house or if you like to bring summer into your home. With evaporative cooling you need to open as many doors and windows as possible because for an evaporative cooler to work properly the air in the house needs to change approximately 35 times per hour to have the maximum cooling effect, if it has too little openings the air gets humid and stagnant. This concept is completely opposite to the homes with refrigerated airconditioning where it is imperative to keep your windows and doors closed.


Pakenham Heating and Cooling as part of Melbourne Heating and Cooling have been servicing and installing evaporative coolers for 30 years so we know what works and what does not work as we have seen and repaired mistakes made by others. We are not sales people and our business is not a sales company we owned and operated by a plumber (Peter Papworth) with 30 years experience. We give you the right advise and put a dollar figure on it so you can make an informed decision.

We guarantee the appliances we recommend and sell, if it does not work we will remove the appliance and give a full refund of moneies paid.