Pakenham Heating and Cooling supply and install split systems or they can install the split system you have purchased from elsewhere. Split systems are a wonderful solution if you are looking for refrigerated airconditioning in one area only as opposed to installing a ducted refrigerated system which is beyond the budget of most households. Or it is possible to install multiple split systems in multiple rooms, this is a favourable solution to some people as you only turn the appliance on when you need it, so its an automatic zoning system and from an economical point of view you can buy a split per room as budget allows.

A split system is $0.05 energy block dearer than gas to run on the heating cycle, when on the heating they are not under load and consume very little energy, therefore splits are a great multifunction appliance as they cool in summer and heat in winter.


Melbourne Heating and Cooling and thus Pakenham Heating and Cooling have aligned themselves with two companies for airconditioning. These companies are Carrier and Toshiba, this is because Carrier invented air conditioning and Toshiba invented inverter technology. Carrier purchased Toshiba about 8-10 years ago for its inverter technology.

We do recommend that you purchase your split through us, as it is important that when an aircon is installed it is sized correctly, in addition most of our products offer good 5 year warranties where if something breaks down you can be comforted in the knowledge that it will be repaired by the manufacturer at no cost. Often if purchasing your own split system the warranties are not as good, parts are not readily available and what seems like a bargain is often not when you consider that the installation price will be the same whichever appliance you choose.


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